St. Patrick’s Day Crocheted Wreath

I love the process of creating a wreath and have created quite a few. I like to change them out with the seasons or holidays. The only problem is our front door isn’t the greatest. We have a glass door and then the front door and there isn’t much space between the two. I have wreaths that are just to thick to fit in that area so they just hang on the wall, but I needed an answer for the door. See what I did there, lol!

My Lucky Little Wreath Idea

Do you ever smack yourself in the head when the answer finally comes to you? Well I did! Make the wreath flat, duh! I had this little light bulb moment while shopping at our local Dollar Tree. I came across the wire wreath forms they have available. I have seen these in other stores but it just never occurred to me to leave then as is and wrap the form. I had always used the foam kind and they have a thickness to them and even though I knew what I wanted the end result to look like it just wouldn’t work with the foam. But the wire frame is less than two inches deep even after adding the all the pattern details. Perfect!

This pattern is available now for free in my Ravelry Store.

There is one section of this pattern that is not crochet but embroidery. I chose to do use an embroidered chain stitch for creating the rainbow. If you are not familiar with this stitch visit Wendi Gratz from Shiny Happy World on YouTube. This is the video I watched when I first learned this technique.

Now I’m excited to get to work on to the next wreath creation!


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