How I Finally Learned to Knit

Learning to knit

I have crocheted for 20 plus years. In those years I have attempted multiple times to teach myself how to knit without much success. But I have finally accomplished what I thought would never happen. I can knit!

What Spurred Me to Finally Learn to Knit

I guess after hearing me speak of wanting to learn knitting for the millionth time (I may be only slightly exaggerating here) my Mom showed up at my house one day with a skein of yarn and a pair of knitting needles. She proudly announced that she was going to learn to knit so that she could teach me. Wait! What? 

First of all, I have tons of yarn, after all I’m a crocheter, and secondly I have needles that I had purchased from previous attempts. I explained this to my Mom and she said she knew I had yarn but wasn’t sure I had needles; besides she wanted her own. But she bought blue yarn just in case she wasn’t able to knit I could use it for crochet.. She knows blue is my favorite color. 

She went on to explain that she watched videos online the night before and she started showing me how she could cast on and then she started doing the knit stitch. After one night? What the…anyway at this point I was feeling envious and annoyed. Yes, I know! Not the reaction I should of had. I should of been proud that my Mom wanted to help, and I am, but at that moment not so much. 

I explained that I had seen videos and read books on knitting but it just didn’t seem to sink in or maybe it was the awkwardness of holding two needles. This continued for a few minutes more ending with Mom proudly displaying her first attempt at knitting which I now know was a few rows of garter stitch. It was great for her first time but I was still annoyed and not really paying much attention to what she was showing me.

I love my Mom! She is my best friend but there was no way she was going to beat me to learning to knit! But she did! We visited for a while and she left, leaving the skein and needles behind saying she would pick them up later. They laid on my end table for a couple of days before I snatched them up and announced to the room that I was going to learn to knit! If Mom can do it so can I!

Actually Learning to Knit

With Mom’s skein and needles I set about to find a video that would once and for all teach me to knit! I watched several. I can cast on without problems but when it comes to making those first few stitches I don’t exactly know what happens. It’s like all of a sudden my hands and mind no longer know how to communicate with each other. I placed the skein and needles back on the end table and walked away. I hadn’t given up exactly but I was frustrated and wanted to give myself a few days before I tried again. 

By chance my Mom asked me to take her to neighboring city a few days later. I jumped at the chance because I knew we would be close enough to Joann’s for me to stop in and grab some yarn. In the store, right across from the yarn, are the hooks and needles. I saw bamboo needles and remembered reading that they help when learning to knit because they don’t slide as easily as the metal ones. So I purchased a pair of bamboo knitting needles, embroidery needles, and Polyfil. I didn’t buy yarn!

Back home with my brand new bamboo needles I set out once again searching videos. The universe is strange. I know I have done this same search before but not once had I come across this particular video. It was Marly Bird teaching her Mom to knit! How ironic! Here I am not letting my Mom teach me but I will watch someone teach their Mom. 

FIt must of been Devine intervention that lead me to  this video because it worked. I truly enjoyed watching these wonderful ladies work together.. It reminded me so much of how my Mom and I are with each other.  It truly was a combination of things that finally came together at just the right time so that I was able to begin knitting. 

What I Now Know

My Mom, in her way, had laid down the challenge. I didn’t know it at the time but hindsight has shown me that she did just that! If she hadn’t came in with the yarn and needles I would probably still be wanting to learn instead of actually learning. Do you think she did that on purpose? Picking up those bamboo needles was another piece. Those needles are wonderful and definitely easier to work with than metal; and the video of Marly teaching her Mom has laid the foundation for me to continue my journey. 

What I know now is that I should always pay attention when Mom tries to teach me to knit. 

Knit scarf
My beautiful kiddo modeling my very first knit project

Resources for Learning to Knit

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