Chain2plus3.com owner, Angie

What’s this blogs purpose?

This blog will focus on crochet patterns that I design and other crochet related ideas and notions. I will also share other crafts I try, whether they are a success or a failure. I have a lot of those but I usually try to hide them, or I dismantle them and use them for something else entirely. A crafter’s choice.

What else…

Besides my craft addiction I have a wonderfully supportive husband, my soul mate, and 3 beautiful girls. One is grown and the other two are almost there, at 16 and 17 years old. We have homeschooled all of daughters and will continue until they graduate from high school. It is a bit sad for me to know that this part of our lives is so close to ending. On the other hand I’m super excited to see what the future has for us all. We pray for the good and the strength to get us through the bad.

All of our girls are artistic in one way or another, drawing, writing, photography, you get the picture (pun intended, with a smile). That reminds me! I should tell you I think I’m pretty witty, but here in Central Texas it’s called being a smart-ass, not in the “you think you know everything” sense but in the “you think you’re so funny” way. Trust me, I don’t know as much as I thought I would. So be prepared to see my wit scattered throughout this blog.

I also suffer from depression and anxiety attacks. My family and crafting have helped me to deal with these issues. I also deal with being an introvert. I have come along way in that aspect of my life. Being a mom doesn’t allow you to stay comfortable for to long. But there are some things that still make me want to give up before trying, like writing this blog. Slipping out of my comfort zone to share with others is not easy, but I really want to share my love of crochet and other crafts and make connections to others who have the same interests.

What about the logo? Is it a bit too much…

Absolutely! But that’s what being creative is all about.  My love for crochet helped me choose the name. The logo came from playing around with different ways to write Ch 2 plus 3. So when I jotted down the name with the Roman numeral 2 it just looked right. From there I just began doodling the various other crafts I enjoy around the lettering. The actual name came from my family of five. My husband and myself plus our three girls.

Take care y’all,